How pixelshakes works

Pixelshakes is an easy-to-use and intuitive software that will enable you to create your own marketing games within a few simple steps!


Go through the few simple steps of creating your first marketing game!


Choose a game!

We have an ever growing library of awesome game templates ready to be customized by you!


Customize your game!

Customize the game with your graphics and your personal style! With a few clicks, it will be yours. 

Absolutely no coding required!


Add your marketing!

Add your desired marketing strategy that all players will see after playing your game.

Add forwarders or iFrames using your existing tools! (Newsletter, Landing Pages,..)


Publish everywhere!

We are hosting the game for you. After hitting publish the game is online and ready to be shared with your target group! 

Just send out the link and relax!

Test it for free!

No credit card required!