Use Cases

Everybody loves games. We help you build long lasting relationships with your audience! Just copy/paste the game-links to implement pixelshakes games in almost every online marketing strategy of yours. The possibilities are endless.

Showcase your games!

The games are automatically published for you online – so it is as easy as sharing a link on your favourite channel. Here are a few examples!

Website Embed

Let visitors play your game directly on your website and boost SEO due to better retention times!

Social Media

Drive traffic to your new product by sending out your game-link on social media! In addition any pixelshakes game you post on social media has OGP tags! 


Engage your audience by mail and let them win an awesome price by playing your games. Just place your game-link inside your next newsletter!

QR Code

Print a QR code to your game on your next poster to attract new customers on the street.

Let’s play!

Here are some examples directly embedded into our website.
Have fun!!

Bakery (Funny Bird)

Play our awesome and challenging funny bird game with a cartoony bakery setting. As soon as the game is finished you can sign up for our newsletter whish is the marketing channel of this game.

Business (Collector)

Start playing one of our evergreens – the collector – with a business style background and setting! Try to catch as many coins as you can and dodge the fire! In the end you will be able to show off your points in the global highscore! Good luck! 

How to integrate?!

Thinking about ideas on how to implement pixelshakes into your marketing strategy?  

Funnels & Call-to-Actions

Leverage our games to captivate the interest of your clientele and target demographic. Encourage them to engage with your exciting brand with our build-in funnels to directing them seamlessly to your chosen website. Enhance the experience by incorporating custom call-to-action features, such as vouchers or valuable information for exclusive discounts, ensuring your customers are well-informed about the rewards awaiting them as they proceed.


Effortlessly incorporate our leaderboard feature into your games, allowing you to gather valuable information such as social media profiles or email addresses. Rest assured, your customers’ data remains secure through the optional concealment of public entries. Download the highscore data as a CSV file and distribute exciting rewards to your players based on their attendance or earned points.

Custom Forms

Seamlessly incorporate personalised registration forms from your preferred CRM or newsletter tools. Just copy and paste your code into the iFrame section, and your form will be seamlessly presented at the conclusion of the game. You have the flexibility to include newsletter sign-ups, quote inquiries, CRM integration – in fact, you can even embed custom landing pages or a game within a game within a game within a… 🎮

Special Parameters

Our games offer seamless integration, enabling the transfer of custom parameters, such as the game’s name ({{ps_game}}) and players’ scores ({{ps_score}}), directly to your website. These parameters can be harnessed to create highly tailored and gamified customer interactions.

Picture directing your players to a designated landing page, where they can register with their email and submit their achieved points to claim their well-deserved rewards.

Explore our documentation for comprehensive information!

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