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Quick Start Guide

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Create your first game

Check out the following steps to create your very first game!

  1. Head to the “Create game” button on the left side to get an overview of the current game library
  2. Choose a game template and press the “create game” button.
  3. Now the game creation process started. Give your game a name and click next on the bottom right corner.
  4. Now you see a visual depiction of your game. Hover over the images to see what they represent in-game.
  5. Swap the images out by clicking on them and select a different asset on the right side (be sure to check out the “upload” section to import your own assets!) If you are ready – click next!
  6. In the marketing section, you can choose what happens after the game is played. Send users to your website, add call to actions, highscores or show an iFrame directly inside the game. It is up to you! Don’t forget to define your OGP tags in the upper tab called “Share” so your social media shares are automatically filled out and look awesome!
  7.  Click next and you are finished! Share the link. e,bed the iFrame or place your automatically generated QR Code!

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