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In here you can decide what happens in terms of your marketing and publishing settings.

Engage your audience

In this section, you can decide what should happen after the game is played by your target audience. So basically this happens when the game is over. Game Over typically happens after a timer has run out or a player collided with a hazard.


When you opt for nothing. The player’s score and the current game will be displayed – as well as a restart button to the game can be played again.



The forwarder lets you forward your players to a certain website. Just type in and players will be redirected to exactly that page. In addition select the delay time ins milliseconds before the user is forwarded (1000 ms = 1s)


What is an iFrame?

An iframe (Inline Frame) is an HTML element that allows you to embed another HTML document inside the current HTML document on a webpage. An iframe can be used to display a range of content such as videos, images and other webpages.

How to use it

This section lets you implement an HTML page directly into the game. Again this will be displayed immediately after the game is over. Simply select “iFrame” and copy/paste your desired iFrame code into the field beneath.

Example from MailerLite

In this case we are just copying the HTML snippet of our Newsletter tool and pasting it as iFrame to use it as our marketing funnel.

Call to Action

Call to Action lets you define the header, the message as well as the button text and link. Use to for special promotions, coupon codes or any other call to action thats helps your business!


Similar to the call to action you can change the header the message, the button text and link. And in addition you can prodivde your users with a highscore they can sign up to. The names can be downloaded in your game library inside the details view of your game. You can use the highscore for a raffle, a friendly competition and many more. In addition you can decide if you want to make your highscore public and if you want to mask your customers entries from the public.


Like the forwarder the switch forwards your audience based on the number of points they achieve. Users will be forwarded to URL1 if the points they achieved are lower than the points you type in. If the get an equal or higher score they will be forwarded to URL2.

Forward after indicates the delay in milliseconds (1000 ms = 1 s)


URL Parameters

You can add parameters to your link to pass them to your website or use them throughout the marketing funnels or embedded iFrame page. Use {{ps_game}} and/or {{ps_score}} as placeholders for the name of your game and/or the user’s score.


So if you put the following forward-link in a game called “yourgame” and the user collects “5” points:{{ps_game}}&userscored={{ps_score}}

Players will be redirected to this link:

You can now use those GET-Paramaters in your Application.

If you add other parameters to the generated link these will be automatically passed on to your forward-link.

So if you share the game with the ID 123 and add your own tracking info these parameters will be passed on to your forward link:
users will be redirected to:

To use these paramaters, as a string, inside an iframe/HTML-Code use the placeholder {{ps_urlparams}}.

We do not parse, process or save the information passed. It is your responsibility to configure your application correct.
If you use these codes to track your users outside of your application you are required to inform them and handle their information according to applyable privacy laws.



This tab is dedicated to giving you the best sharing experience. Fill out title and description and upload an image you want seen by users when you post your game-link to social media platforms.

Depending on the chosen social media platform – your link would look something like this:

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